On March 12, 2017, MSG Meeting NO 13 was held with chair of H.E Abdul Satar Murad, Minister of Economy.  At the opening of the meeting, H.E Abdul Satar Murad, Minister of Economy (MoEc) and chairman of the MSG welcomed and thanked all participants for their active participation.

Then, Mr. Karimi, CoST Afghanistan National Coordinator said that all decisions of the previous MSG meeting are being implemented except the printing of communication materials by GIZ. Since GIZ/OPAF did not showed its interest due to lack of time to process the printing of communication materials therefore, the CoST Afghanistan National Secretariat printed all the materials from its own budget.

During the meeting Mr. Riaz Sediqi, MoEc NGOs Director, asked the national secretariat about the progress of the CoST Afghanistan website and Mr. Karimi responded that the website is finalized in all three languages which is updated regularly.

The participants of the meeting one by one discussed on CoST Sustainability and fundraising. Conduction of a workshop of MSG members and developing the disclosure manual. Mr. Karimi the National Secretariat has also updated the meeting about hiring preparation of the scoping study launch event.