Informative Workshop for Afghanistan CSOs and Media

Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations and Media has been playing a significant role in public awareness, fighting corruption, social justice, increasing transparency and making government entities accountable in the past 16 years, or we can say, it has been the voice of citizens. Infrastructure sector plays a vital role in economic growths and public welfare and the role of civil society and media in strengthening transparency and accountability is the key to meet this goal.

Therefore, on February 6th, 2018, CoST Afghanistan conducted a one-day informative workshop for Afghan CSOs and Media on CoST issues and effectiveness of disclosure of project information. H.E Mohammad Ismael Rahimi, Deputy Ministry of Economy and Acting Chairman of CoST Multi Stakeholders Group, 41 senior representatives of CSOs and Media attended this workshop.

“The aim of this informative workshop is to introduce CoST Afghanistan goals and main activities to CSOs and Media representatives, and identifying methods on how to work together to increase transparency and accountability in publicly funded projects. “Said sebghatullah Karimi, CoST Afghanistan National Coordinator.

H.E Mohammad Ismael Rahimi, Deputy Ministry of Economy and Acting Chairman of Multi Stakeholders Group said: Ministry of Economy as a government representative and MSG chairman is supporting the transparency process and call other procurement entities and sectorial ministries to be in line with this initiative. In addition, achieving this goal needs CSOs and Media supports. CSOs and Media as representatives of public and have the right to ask for additional projects information for transparency. He also added, Reporters also could play a vital role in bringing transparency in infrastructure sector through preparing research reports on this sector.

In addition, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Ezadyar from Integrity Watch Afghanistan and Mr. Waliullah Misbah, National Coordinator, for Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) shared their thoughts on access to information, lessons that must be learnt and challenges that should be addressed.

About CoST Afghanistan:

The Construction Sector Transparency (CoST) initiative is a multi-stakeholder program aimed to improve value for money in publicly funded projects by increasing transparency and accountability. Following a recommendation from the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC), the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, through Ministry of Economy, joined CoST in October 2013.